How to Prevent Hard Water

How to prevent hard water

Ah, summer. The sun is bright, the children are outside playing, and the burgers are on the grill.  Everything is perfect. And the best part is finally cooling off from the heat with water games, sprinklers, and of course the pool! Just as you are getting ready to relax you notice IT.  Yes, the water from all your favorite summer activities is covering your windows. From your sliding glass doors to living room windows- water is everywhere. Dread fills your thoughts because you know that once the water dries it will ruin your windows.


This is the beginning of hard water stains.  Don’t allow summer to destroy your windows. Prevent hard water before it becomes a problem.

What are Hard Water Stains?


Hard water is water that consists of increased mineral content. Such as calcium, magnesium, and other compounds. Storms, sprinklers, and incorrectly washed surfaces leave dirt and grime deposits on your windows. These deposits then create a hard covering on all your surfaces, also known as your hard water stains.


What Causes It?


Many times, hard water hits glass surfaces by accident. These tough stains are usually created through sprinklers, storms, and even your window screens. Because window screens trap dirt, when splashed with water, those minerals are then left behind on your windows. These minerals are also deposited through stormy days. During rain storms, minerals and grime accumulate on your windows. This creates hard water stains when they finally dry. And allowing any liquids from sprinkler water to window cleaning solution to dry on your windows also creates a film of hard water stains.


The Science of Hard Water and Your Windows


To fully understand how hard water ruins your windows, you must first look at the structure of your windows. Glass isn’t as glassy as it looks. Microscopically, glass contains many hills and valleys, rivets and creases. It is anything but smooth. This causes debris to get trapped and etched into the glass. And the minerals in hard water are no exception when it comes in contact with glass surfaces. The increased mineral deposits in the water get caught on the glass. And once dried they create the problematic layer of hardened grime. Waiting too long to remove these stains can result in permanent damage to your windows. It’s best to prevent and invest in removal as soon as possible before hard water wreaks havoc on your beautiful windows.


How Can You Fix It?


It seems like everything creates hard water on windows, and makes it impossible to remove. But you can fix it before you have to replace your windows! The key is an early response. Once you notice water and stains on your windows, clean them off as soon as possible. The best solutions include vinegar, commercial window cleaners, and even lemon juice.


How Can You Prevent It?


Now that you know what causes and removes your hard water stains, prevention is crucial to keep your windows sparkling! If your sprinkler keeps hitting your window, adjust its head to avoid the glass. If your window screens are dirty, remove the ones that are on windows that aren’t used and regularly wash the other ones. And finally, regular window cleaning not only helps remove stains. It also keeps your windows looking amazing between professional cleanings!


Hard Water. We have all seen it- on our windshields, glass surfaces, and of course windows. It stains surfaces, is hard to clean off, and is just a pain. But you can prevent it from causing permanent damage.


Don’t wait any longer! Take care of your hard water stains now.


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