How to Keep Your Windows Clean

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

You just got your windows professionally cleaned. The glass is streak-free and the shine is unbelievable. But there’s one thing that’s still on the back of your mind…

Even though you keep children and animals away from the windows, fingerprints and grime mark up the windows only days after the cleaning!


How could you possibly keep your windows clean until the next time the cleaners come?

Below are 5 ways that you can keep your windows cleaner longer!



Wash Window Screens and Frames!


Did you know that your window screens and frames trap dirt and pollen? And this dirt gets onto your windows during rain showers and windy days. Although afterwards the sky is clear, dirt and grime now cover your windows. To prevent this from happening make sure to clean your screens regularly. This will clear away any dirt trapped in the screen’s mesh. And remove screens from any windows not in use for prevention.


Keep Sprinklers Away!


Another cause of your dirty windows might be your sprinklers. Sprinklers contain mineral deposits that stain your windows when exposed to the sun. Not only does this dirty your windows but if left on too long, these deposits will also create permanent hard water stains. To prevent damage make sure that your sprinklers aren’t watering your windows.


Check Air Filters!


Air filters help to prevent dust from accumulating in your home- if they are clean. Unfortunately, many times we forget to change out the filters. This allows for dust to accumulate not only on furniture but also creates a film on your windows making them dirtier faster. Regularly change out air filters to give your home better air quality and keep dust from layering your windows. This makes your windows and home cleaner longer.


Be Smoke-Free!


Besides dirty air filters, smoke can also be a cause of dirty windows. Smoke from barbecues, indoor cooking, even candles, can create layers of oil, grease, and grime on your windows. To prevent this make sure that your grill is at least 5ft away from your windows. Place candles away from windows. And make sure to turn your kitchen fan on high while cooking indoors.


Stop Touching Your Windows!


Last, but not least, stop touching your windows! I know, simple right? But we find ourselves touching the glass accidentally every day.  Refrain from touching your windows to keep them cleaner longer. And use the other tricks and tips mentioned above to maintain their beautiful shine!


Here at Sparkle Window Cleaning in Elk Grove, CA, we want to help you maintain your clean windows. We can’t wait to give your windows a professional streak-free shine the next time you call.


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