5 Amazing Benefits of a Clean Home

5 Benefits of a Clean Home

Cleaning. The word dreaded by both children and adults. It marks the end of Saturday morning cartoons and sleeping in. It is the burden that has to be done before turning in for the night. Cleaning is the process that we are constantly doing but never able to maintain or catch up on. It takes away precious hours of the day and is a hassle for everyone.  Plus you are just going to have to do it again tomorrow.


What good does cleaning really do?


Even though it’s a hassle a clean home has more benefits than just a good appearance when company comes over. Cleaning improves physical, personal, and family wellness.


Check out these 5 Amazing Benefits to a Clean Home:


Prevents Illnesses


Did you know that your kitchen counter has more germs on it than the inside of your toilet bowl? According to An Investigation of Microbial Contamination in the Home, there are millions of germs living all around us. They are multiplying every second while we sit back completely unaware. Germs transfer from the kitchen sink to the bathroom to the floor to the toys and finally to you. Regularly clean troublesome areas with antimicrobial products to kill bacteria and viruses. Removing sources of contamination will decrease your chances of getting sick. Maintaining a clean home by picking up messes, wiping down surfaces, and minimizing contamination prevents exposure to illnesses. Keeping you healthier longer!


Controls Allergen Exposure


In addition to eliminating germs, cleaning is beneficial to limiting an individual’s exposure to allergens. These allergens being pollens, grasses, dust, etc. Basic cleaning including mopping, dusting, and even window washing helps to improve air quality. This limits the amount of allergens that contaminate surfaces and enter the air. Doing these basic procedures allows for you to control what affects your household. So that you can focus on what’s important rather than which allergy medication you need to take next.


Controls Pests


Remember that one time you forgot to clean up spilled soda only to find that the next day a swarm of ants was invading the area. Or does anyone else remember spring cleaning with mom and finding spiders everywhere? Has anyone else left food in their tent and come back to a bear ravaging the area? Insects, spiders, and other pests including animals love messes and they are everywhere. They are attracted to the corners that we forget to dust, the food we forget to put away, and the messes that we refuse to pick up. Cleaning- vacuuming, window washing, and wiping down surfaces is a great way to keep the pests under control and away from your home. By cleaning these pest-prone areas regularly, you can keep the pests and exterminator’s fees away.


Limits Safety Hazards


Our homes are filled with hazards, from the burning stove to slippery floors to clutter piled up everywhere. Not to mention the fire and choking hazards that seem to find their way into our homes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, basic cleaning practices can make a big difference in your household’s safety. From picking up trash to wiping down counters keeping you, your family and friends from harm has never been easier. And the more you keep your home picked up, and wiped down the less you have to deal with these hazards.


Decreases Stress Levels


We all have responsibilities, stresses, burdens, etc. The “To-Do” List keeps growing. The assignments from your boss keeping stacking up. And of course, the children have another project that needs completed bytonight. All you can think is “when will this end?” Maintaining a clean home takes one of those burdens off of your plate. Keeping up with everyday cleaning jobs allows for you to spend your time on the important things. Instead of going through the clutter that has been stacking up all month long get rid of the mess before it starts. Spend your Saturday with your loved ones, not your cleaning supplies.


Cleaning regularly allows you to able to come home from a long day at work and know that you don’t have to worry about a huge stack of dishes in the sink. You can pick up the kids from school without worry about watching them and catching up on mounds of laundry. Keeping your home clean leaves your schedule more open, eliminates potential hazards and illness, and leaves your household happier.




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