How To Clean Windows – Without Leaving Streaks

How to clean windows

Squeegees are an essential part to any good window cleaning.


Paired up with an amazing window solution and trained hand, squeegees are crucial to getting a perfect streak-free shine.  A shine that Windex and paper towels cannot achieve.

Check out below the genius behind the squeegee. And see why Sparkle Window Cleaning uses it for all its window cleaning jobs.


What is a Squeegee?


Squeegees are a tool consisting of a rubber blade with a handle used to wipe liquid off of surfaces. Most squeegees are used to clean windows by wiping off the solution and leaving a streak-free shine.


What are the Parts of a Squeegee?


Squeegees consist of a rigid handle, channel, and rubber blade. The handle allows for complete control of movement and pressure on the window. After the handle comes the channel, which holds in place the rubber blade. The blade is the most important part to any good squeegee. To get the greatest result, the rubber blades should be sharp and be free of any abrasions. Maintaining each part allows for the best window cleaning by keeping your windows streak-free.  Which is why Sparkle Window Cleaning keeps their tools in prime condition for the best cleaning results.


What does the Squeegee do?


After scrubbing the window with the best solution, squeegees are then used to wipe the window cleaning solution off from the glass. And with the solution comes all the dirt and grime. Because glass isn’t as smooth as it looks the key to the perfect clean is the rubber blade of the squeegee. On the surface, cleaning windows looks like pushing marbles off a table. But up close glass is full of hills and crevices that trap dirt, grime, and water. Because of these microscopic creases, paper towels cannot remove all the impurities and can even add to the mess. This leaves your windows with streaks and makes it harder for you to clean up later. But with the rubber end, squeegees are able to get in those tricky crevices and fully remove the filth without leaving any residue behind.


Why do we use the Squeegee?


Squeegees are crucial to the getting that perfectly cleaned window. Their design allows them to completely remove all grime and leave your windows cleaner longer. And there’s even more benefits to using a squeegee. Use them in your bathrooms, for your floors, and many other areas in your home for the same effects!


Besides being useful in many areas of your home, squeegees also make cleaning more efficient. Here at Sparkle Window Cleaning we understand that your time is important. With the efficiency of the squeegee strokes, we are able to clean your windows right the first time. And quickly too! Squeegees are the only way to go when it comes to getting that perfect window cleaning. And you will finally get that shine you have been looking for.




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