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Tips and Tricks to a Clean Home

You love your home. There's something about it that keeps you falling in love with it over and over again. But after years of living in it, things have changed. The walls have become faded. The carpet is stained. And the decor needs updating.
Although not the easiest of projects, painting your

Ah, summer. The sun is bright, the children are outside playing, and the burgers are on the grill.  Everything is perfect. And the best part is finally cooling off from the heat with water games, sprinklers, and of course the pool! Just as you are getting ready to relax you

Window Cleaning
You just got your windows professionally cleaned. The glass is streak-free and the shine is unbelievable. But there’s one thing that’s still on the back of your mind…
Even though you keep children and animals away from the windows, fingerprints and grime mark up the windows

Squeegees are an essential part to any good window cleaning.

Paired up with an amazing window solution and trained hand, squeegees are crucial to getting a perfect streak-free shine.  A shine that Windex and paper towels cannot achieve.

Check out below the genius behind the squeegee. And see why Sparkle Window

Cleaning. The word dreaded by both children and adults. It marks the end of Saturday morning cartoons and sleeping in. It is the burden that has to be done before turning in for the night. Cleaning is the process that we are constantly doing but never able to maintain or